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Pro Auto Performance Center, Inc. is proud to offer high performance Dyno testing. We can dyno test most engines and provide you with a computer print out of the results.

Dynamometers, or "dynos," are devices used to measure mechanical force, also referred to as horsepower. These instruments are used to determine the power of automotive motors, boat motors, truck pull motors, and many more.


Most commonly, dynos are used by racing enthusiasts to determine the horsepower and efficiency of their car's engine. This can allow them to pinpoint issues with their vehicles in seconds, whereas going strictly by track tests can cause major delays and misdiagnoses, wasting precious time and effort! In a sport where fractions of seconds count, a dyno can give racers an extra edge in competition.


The data acquisition computer corrects for acceleration and deceleration inertia, reads torque, rpm, 12 exhaust gas temperatures, fuel flow, air flow, inlet air temperature, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, engine manifold pressure, and engine water temperature channels over 1,000 times a second. Barometric pressure and humidity inputs along with the inlet air temperature channel are used for correcting horsepower and torque to a known standard (SAE J1349, J1228, J607, J245). Also recorded are calculated channels such as volumetric efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, brake mean effective pressure, air fuel ratio, EGT average, and EGT delta.

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Pro Auto Performance Center, Inc. was started to serve the local race enthusiasts and has grown over the years. David Lucash, owner and operator, has streamlined the business into two divisions that are all part of the one company in the one location.

We specialize in a large inventory of racing and high performance parts. Please be sure to check out our  On-Line Catalog for a sampling of some of the items we carry. We are constantly adding the products and product lines that we stock to our online store, so please visit our website often.

Pro-Auto Performance Center, Inc. is also a repair center, welding and fabrication, and machine shop serving the local area. We are your top quality speed shop in Warrenton, VA.

We carry top name brands for your trusted use. Some of the many items we have are listed above; however if you do not see what you need listed, chances are we can get it. Call us today!

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Dynamometer Services

What Does A Dyno Test Tell Me?

What the heck is a machine shop? We have all heard of them, but there doesn't seem to be a bunch of machines coming out of a machine shop, so what actually goes on there?


Essentially a machine shop is a place where material (usually metal) is machined. Still not good enough? How about if we say that machining is the term used to describe the removal of material from raw stock, to turn it into a usable part by turning, milling, drilling and Grinding.




Turning produces cylindrical parts. The concept is the same as a wood turning lathe where a cutting tool is applied to raw material that is spinning rapidly. The cutting tool makes the stock circular (changes a square or rectangular piece of stock into a round one), and can reduce the diameter of the circular stock to match a predetermined pattern.


Milling is the process of cutting away material form the raw stock to match a predetermined pattern. In milling, a work piece is fed past a series of multiple toothed cutters. The cutting action of the teeth on the milling cutter removes excess raw material. The finished product can be curved, flat or even angular in any combination of shapes


Drilling is something that we are all pretty familiar with. It means boring a hole into raw stock. The cutting tool that is used to bore the hole is called a drill.


Grinding is the wearing away of material by the application of friction. Machine shops likely use high powered mechanical grinders, but we have all done it in a small way, when using a piece of sandpaper on a rough piece of wood.

Pro Auto Performance Center, Inc. has a full service machine shop for any type of engine work. We specialize in high performance engines including for both drag and circle track race car engines.

We take a lot of pride in our machine shop expertise. We build performance racing engines for Pontiac, Ford, Chrysler and Chevy.

Pro Auto provides the finest quality, turnkey, dyno-proven engine packages available. From mild to wild and everything in between.

By concentrating on being the best at what we do and not being "all things to all people"



Pro Auto Performance Center, Inc.  Is adding a full service auto repair facility.


Watch this space for news on when this service will be available.

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Race Clutches

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Gauge Panels

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Aluminum and Steel Tubing & Materials

Much, much more!

Pro-Auto has proven the ability to produce consistently superior turn-key reliable engines for the performance enthusiast of today!

Whether you drive your vehicle daily, across the country, or only a quarter mile at a time, we have an engine package that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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